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french transfem of 18 yo who configure servers at 3AM and love a lot Touhou Project, BSD and Frieren
I do a bit of everything, from script to small code to big servers

My laziness is patchless

What can I do ?

Language : French, English

Code languages : WEB (HTML, CSS, PHP) ; bash ; Python

OS : GNU/Linux (ArchLinux, Debian, RHEL base) ; Windows Server ; Windows

Hypervisors : KVM ; Qemu ; ESXi ; PVE ; Hyper-V ; VirtualBox

Applications : OpenSSH ; Docker ; NGINX ; Ansible ; Kubernetes

Networking: pfsense ; GRE ; IPv4 ; IPv6

Still Learning : C++ ; InfluxDB ; Grafana

I like what ?

I like a lot of things like anime, Japanese culture, literature, music etc...

My project


SpaceInt is my association that I created with friends. I met most of them on the Internet and I am very proud to know them! (like what, the life reserves us surprises!)

My network

Currently I have a small network made of 2 servers. A VPS OVH on which you are, and a Dell T320 server behind an Orange connection in Marseille.

Due to the weeb part of me

I have my share of anime, manga, waifu, husbando and many other things. I usually name my different PCs and servers with anime characters like Love Live or Touhou Project, even my Dell T320 is called Frieren x3

According to the holy rick, he and I are THE internet raccoons, our triforce is: "weeb x brony x furry". Yes.